Our Services, Our Pride

We believe that serving our customers is our utmost important duty. As they comes from diverse industries which demands many levels of services, we will continuously update ourselves with the latest knowledge and technology to serve them. Here are our main services that we provide:

We provide many various function of auditing services such as statutory audit, due diligent audits, merger and acquisition audits and many, many more different audit and assurance assignments.

In Malaysia, to provide audit services requires a special license issued by the Finance Ministry. Our firm do posses such license to sign audit reports.

Our firm with many of our partners who has many and diverse years of experience also provide corporate and professional training to our clients.

We have done many corporate training with Petronas, Maxis, Sime Darby and Alliance Bank.

We also provide services of registering of trademark and other intellectual properties. This helps to enhance the intangible assets of any of our clients.

Our taxation services covers many forms; from individuals, partnership, co-operatives, associations and companies. Each different entity has different reporting format. Taxation services cover area of compliance work, handling field audit by Inland Revenue and special submission assignments.

In Malaysia, to provide taxation services also requires a special license issued by the Inland Revenue Board. Our firm also has been awarded such license to act as tax agent.

We also provide consultancy of all sorts – implementation of internal controls. recommendation of best business practice are some of the assignments undertaken by our firm.

As to help lighten our clients burden, we have a payroll services department to assist in preparing monthly payroll. We also assist in deducting pay-as-you-earn taxes, EPF and Socso.

Under the Companies Act, 1965. It is required that each company must employ a qualified company secretary at all times. With its stringent laws on directors and shareholders of company, it is the duty of the company secretary to advice the company to comply to all the laws of the Companies Act, 1965.

Besides that, the company secretary does other duties such as taking minutes of meeting, sending out notices of intended meeting, filing statutory forms to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and also keeping records of statutory records of the company.

In Malaysia, in order to practice as a company secretary, he or she must has the qualification to be recognized as a company secretary by the ROC. Our firm is also recognized by the ROC to provide such services.

We also give support for approved accounting software. The main software we support are Million, UBS and SQL.
These software are GST compliance. We do give training for these software and full support on the software.